National Aquaculture Council


The NAC is widely recognised as the peak industry body of the Australian aquaculture industry. The NAC performs an important advocacy and representative role at the national level to the Australian Government. The major function of the NAC is working for and on behalf of the industry to influence Australian Government policies, regulations and programs to ensure they are favourable to the growth, prosperity and profitability of the industry.

The major sectors include:

 • Abalone (represented by the Australian Abalone Growers Association)
 • Barramundi (represented by the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association)
 • Oysters (represented by Oysters Australia)
 • Pearls (represented by the Pearl Producers Association)
 • Salmon (represented by the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association)
 • Southern Bluefin Tuna (represented by the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association)
 • Yellowtail Kingfish & Mulloway (represented by the South Australian Aquaculture Council).

The NAC also has an observer sector:

• Prawns (represented by the Australian Prawn Farmers Association)

In addition NAC membership includes the following state aquaculture associations:

 • Aquaculture Council of West Australia
 • South Australian Aquaculture Council
 • Tasmanian Aquaculture Council

And three corporate members:
 • Ridley Aquafeeds
 • Skretting Australia
 • Sydney Fish Market

"A strong, progressive and sustainable aquaculture sector in Australia."
Progressive - modern, innovative and adaptive to change.
Sustainable - economically, environmentally and socially.

"To influence the Australian Government and the broader community to achieve a strong, progressive and sustainable aquaculture sector in Australia, through national and international representation and advocacy.”

"To provide collective strength and leadership."

National Aquaculture Council Contacts

Neil Stump
Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council
PO Box 878
Sandy Bay TAS 7006
Ph: 03 6224 2332

Conference Office (Australasian Aquaculture conferences)
Sarah-Jane Day
PO Box 370
Nelson Bay NSW 2315
Ph: 0437 152 234

National Aquaculture Council Board of Directors

The National Aquaculture Council is governed by the following Board of Directors:

 • Pheroze Jungalwalla (Independent Executive Chair)
 • Adam Main (Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association)
 • Grahame Turk (Sydney Fish Market)
 • Neil Stump (Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council)
 • Nick Savva (Australian Abalone Growers Association)
 • Trudy McGowan (Oysters Australia)

National Aquaculture Member Bodies – Contact Details

Australian Abalone Growers Association (AAGA)
PO Box 216, Beaconsfield, TAS 7270
Executive Officer: Nick Savva
Phone: 03 6383 4115
Mob: 0438 386 112

Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA)
PO Box 26, Cooroy QLD 4563
Executive Officer: Chris Calogeras
Mob; 0401 692 601

Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA)
PO Box 1146, Port Lincoln SA 5606
CEO: Brian Jeffriess
Mob: 0419 840 299

Clean Seas Tuna
7 North Quay Boulevard, Port Lincoln, SA 5606
Executive Officer: Craig Foster
Phone: 08 8621 2925

Oysters Australia
PO Box 757, Stirling, SA 5152
Executive Officer: Trudy McGowan
Mob: 0407 883 333

Pearl Producers Association
15 Prefect Place, Duncraig, WA 6023
Executive Officer: Brett McCallum
Phone: 08 9448 5358
Mob: 0417 908 089

Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association (TSGA)
PO Box 321, Sandy Bay TAS 7006
Chief Executive: Adam Main
Phone: 03 6214 0550
Mob: 0459 065 595

Aquaculture Council of West Australia (ACWA)
L1, 56 Marine Terrace, Freemantle, WA 6160
Executive Officer: Tina Thorne
Phone: 08 9432 7714
Mob: 0448 443 458

South Australian Aquaculture Council (SAAC)
PO Box 1146, Port Lincoln SA 5606
Executive Officer: Claire Webber
Phone: 08 8682 3257

Tasmanian Aquaculture Council (TAC)
C/o Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council
PO Box 878, Sandy Bay TAS 7006
Chief Executive: Neil Stump
Phone: 03 6224 2332
Mob: 0417 394 009

Ridley Aquafeeds
12-18 Neon Street, Narangba QLD 4504
General Manager: Robert Harvey
Phone: 07 3817 9807
Mob: 0418 283 065

Skretting Australia
PO Box 117, Rosny Park TAS 7018
Managing Director: James Rose
Phone: 03 6216 1201
Mob: 0409 795 289

Sydney Fish Market
Locked Bag 247, Bank Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Managing Director: Grahame Turk
Phone: 02 9004 1101
Mob: 0418 700 021

Independent Chair
Pheroze Jungalwalla
C/-  NAC Secretariat
PO Box 878, Sandy Bay TAS 7006
Mob: 0419 898 852
Email: C/o